The “Shelf Life” of your Average Christian Commitment – Part 1

RobDevotions, Discipleship

If I were smart, I would have probably increased the payoff on my life insurance before posting this entry.

Let me explain.

You see, certain aspects of the “Christian” culture and “churchy” culture can have an awful lot in common with the Mafia.

1.     We have our own set of rules to live by.

2.     We break those rules with alarming regularity.

3.     We take care of family (“take care of” can be read in one of 2 very opposite ways).

4.     We shoot our wounded.

5.      We act like Mel Gibson’s character (William Wallace) did in Braveheart when his betrayer was unmasked and shown to be none other than his supposed friend and trusted alley, Robert the Bruce. We’re shocked, rocked and de-frocked all in one when we see anyone else break the rules of our culture.

6.      We’re passionate, loud, adamant and serious about a variety of issues…for about 5 minutes, or until a better one comes along.

7.     We’re a subculture living within the larger culture.

8.     Our culture is a bit like that all enclosed biosphere dome people tried to live in for several years. It didn’t work. Neither does ours.

9.     We believe in guilty until proven innocent (at which time we will do anything within our means to re-render the verdict back to guilty — guilty just feels better, right, natural).

10.  We proudly proclaim that Jesus died to achieve for us better health, wealth and overall prosperity.

What does all this have to do with commitment?

Stay tuned, like poison ivy, it gets worse before it gets better.