The Shelf Life of your average Christian Commitment – Part 5 and FINAL installment


Several days ago I took off on a rant about Christian commitment and how anemic it seems to be these days. That was the bad news. We saw the damage it can do as well as the disappointment it causes as it fails to deliver a closer relationship to God (or anyone else for that matter).

We also learned that we are not the first generation to believe that the way to gain God’s favor or at least improve one’s standing before the Almighty was to observe a certain list of rules and regulations. Hopefully you saw that Jesus did not come to bring rules and regulations, but rather, relationship. If you got that much you got all you needed.

But what are you going to do about it?

How about working on the relationship?

How about making your relationship with Jesus Christ the number one priority of your life?

You see, following a rule book will never get you where you want to go. You and I are not capable of flawlessly adhering to a long list of rules and regulations. And aren’t you glad God never asks us too? I am.

No, God made it easy. He gave us the cript notes — a little cheat sheet, if you will.

When Jesus was asked one time what was the greatest commandment He answered that to love the Lord with everything  you’ve got is the most important commandment and to love your neighbor (all others) as much as you love yourself is almost as important. Check out His answer in Matthew 22:37–40. Or you can click here and read it right now,

Why is this key? Well, incase you missed it, it is because someone who loves God that much and others that much is not likely to murder, lie, deceive, cheat, worship other (false) gods…OR ANYTHING ELSE THATS WRONG!

Following rules is done in your own strength.

Loving the Lord links you up with HIS STRENGTH.

Which would you rather have?

Oh, and as far as commitment goes…you know, the question that started this whole journey in the first place? It fits in with all the other things we wish we were better at. You’ll continue to STINK at it as long as you approach it with a New Year’s resolution type determination. And as long as that’s your tact, the shelf life of your average commitment will be short indeed.


Love the Lord your God with all you’ve got and watch your commitments last a lifetime!