The “Shelf Life” of your average chrisitan commitment – part 2


Starting to see it yet?

Because Christians learn early (and wrongly) to dance around the peripheral of an issue rather than getting to the heart of the matter, many of them spend a lifetime chasing the wrong things.

Aside: Before Joe blog reader gets to smug about Christians, you do it too. It’s just that you don’t know any better which makes me go a little easier on you.

Sometimes this whole idea of ‘dealing with the symptoms’ rather than the disease, is minor — even comical, often stupid. For a prime example of this, take the many defcon 5 boycott causes Christian “leaders” try so desperately to paint in the same light as say, the apocalypse. Here are a few examples from the recent past:

  • boycott Disney for promoting homosexuality
  • boycott American Express for supporting abortion
  • boycott Ford for promoting gay marriage
  • boycott AMC,  Regal cinemas and any other theater chain for showing; The last Temptation of Christ, the Da Vinci Code, The Secret, yada, yada, yada (<— you missed that one didn’t you?)
  • boycott all businesses that boycott the Boyscouts of America (say that 5 times fast!)
  • boycott all Democratic candidates because, they reason, if it’s moral, they’re against it (lol)!

 I’m racking my brain right now to pinpoint the major victory Christians can claim using this method.


I get nothing. You?

I can’t think of any good, but I can sure see some bad. For example, some of the best advertising these otherwise pathetic movies got was from all the Christian protesting. The movie executives couldn’t have dreamed of better, cheaper promotion!

Ok, ok, so what’s the point? Only this; despite valiant efforts over the last century the fact still remains. You can’t legislate morality.

Oh Contrar! Some will quickly protest. Where do you, Mr. Smart____ preacher, think we would be today if it weren’t for all these boycotts?!

You really want my opinion? I’m honored. Frankly, I thought it far more likely I begin to hear about a “boycott Rob Singleton” movement.

But I’m willing to give it.

Where would we be without the boycotts?

See tomorrow’s post for the answer.

P.S. Yes, it all eventually connects to the “shelf Life” of your average Christian commitment.