The Reason


Isn’t it amazing how we in America can enter such a beautiful giving, peaceful, wonderful time of year and, at the same time see a marked increase in depression, anger, rudeness, apathy, and every other negative emotion we all dread?

I’m talking, of course, about the magic and wonder of Christmas joining with the apathy and depression of the, ‘holiday season.’ But then again, there it is, right there. It’s all in your perspective.

What does this time of year mean to you? Do you think of Santa and magic flying deer and lights and Xmas (<-- sorry, it was just WAAAAYYY too much work to write the entire word out) trees, and mistletoe, etc.? Because if it is, you better gear up for the 'big let down.' Could you imagine having a birthday party and everyone worshipped the presents and decorations yet never once even acknowledged the birthday boy or girl? That would be pathetic, wouldn't it? Well, welcome to Christmas 2006, or should I say, Xmas 06'? I've got an idea! Let's take Abraham Lincoln's birthday and George Washington's Birthday and make it illegal to mention anything that has to do with the presidency and just have fun. And, while we're at it, let's take Martin Luther King's B-Day and celebration and never mention civil rights. Oh, here's another... why not take July 4th (that's Independence Day for those who are scratching their heads right now) and celebrate the nation of Iran and all they do for equality and women's rights. And while we're at it, we could make Easter a time to acknowledge our favorite pet bunny (<-- oops, too late), the national day of prayer could be turned into a moment of silence for Atheists everywhere, Mother's day could revert to 'parents day,' Father's Day could morph into 'that worthless, good for nothing, man in the house day.' Isn't this fun?! I think it is and it doesn't matter what you think, because, if you challenge me...I"LL SUE YOU! After all, I have the right to ruin your life in order to make sure I'm not offended. Is that what we've come to? Want to keep going? Neither do I. Than let's try something different this year. Let's start with Christmas right now. Let's celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Or, better yet, let's fall down and worship the one who gave His life so that we might live! Just a thought. I for one can't wait for an EXTRA SPECIAL night of worship and communion tonight! I'm going to praise the one who alone is worthy of praise. I'm going to remember His sacrifice and thank Him for it.