The REAL inconvenient post


Can you believe it? I rambled so much on the last post I actually got cut off by the posting gremlins and had to divide this into 2 posts (see previous post below for part 1).

So, here’s the REAL inconvenient post.

Oh, one more thought. You might be thinking, so what’s so inconvenient about this post? I’m glad you asked. It’s not the post at all, it’s the word, ‘inconvenient.’ You see, I’m starting to hear it a lot. Let me put it in context. “Rob? Can we meet another night besides Wednesday after the service? It’s kind of ‘inconvenient for us with kids and all?” Or, “Rob, could we just do this sort of thing on the weekend instead of Wednesdays? It’s inconvenient for believers to come midweek for their stuff.” Nevermind that weekends serve the feeding purpose as well as the outreach purpose (Go and Grow). Or, “Rob, do we have to go over all this elementary stuff like. ‘our story is the small one and God’s story is the big one? blah, blah, blah… It’s pretty inconvenient for us spiritual giants to have to endure this while you bring everyone else up to speed (Well, if that’s you, you may be too big for us — too GIANT for your own spiritual britches). Perhaps another glimpse at the towel you received two weeks ago and a gentle reminder that the God of the universe was all about laying a right foundation over and over again with his spiritual giant disciples BEFORE moving on to the big stuff would be good for ya. :) — just a thought. Or, “Rob, small children need to get to bed, Wednesdays after service for MMWY is kind of ‘inconvenient,’ for us <-- I can relate to this one, I have young children as well. Do I need to list more? Getting the picture yet? Those of you who have picked up on the inconvenience of being a MMWY are absolutely right. It is inconvenient — sometimes REALLY inconvenient. But I’m willing to bet being put through a mock trial, having insults hurled at you while being punched, spit upon and laughed at as well as whipped and scorned, and finally crucified was at least a little inconvenient for Jesus. I’m glad he counted the cost and decided you and I were worth it anyway. Aren’t you?

Friends, here’s what I have to say about that. Yes, any time there are extra meetings at extra times they have the potential to be EXTRA inconvenient. However, the MMWY were called out to go the extra mile and sometimes, dare I say it? that even means putting up with extra inconvenience. There, I said it. Let the chips fall. Here they come! Aaagghhh! No wait, it didn’t hurt much at all. Hmm, I might try a few more posts like that. I’m feeling feisty now, watch out!

Seriously, that is why I have been so careful to say over and over again, ‘if you are not ready to do this, or it is too inconvenient for you, that’s okay. Ask God to prepare your heart for such a time (soon) when you will be ready to make that step. B/c every believer has to get there at one time or another. It’s why you were called by God — to be a mighty one for Him. Did you think perhaps it was to be a Paris Hilton or Tom Cruise instead? <-- Sorry, couldn't resist. It's too easy. Are you willing to be inconvenienced for Chirst? It starts there. Talk to you soon. PS Dare ya to comment. :)