The pastor is IN…Session 3


Anyone else just a wee bit (sorry, potty training our new dog) conflicted about the coming weekend w/ Clayton King, as I am?


Do we realize what we are going to have to pull off together if even half the people (and it better be more — we’re not a half-way kinda church!) on those light towers show up?

As we all know, they will expect to come with those who invited them, to the 10:00 or 11:30 services, in the main auditorium. Just one last attempt to give it to you straight. We shouldn’t see any members resembling deer in the headlights on March 10th and 11th.

Currently we are running between 2,000 and 2,300 each week. So far this year we have managed pretty well as we’ve grown by between 50- 75 people a week (that’s like growing the size of a new church plant EVERY WEEK!). But on March 10th and 11th we are expecting between 2,300 and 2700! The only time we’ve accomadated that many was at Christmas when we had over 3,000 but we also had 12 SERVICES! We will attempt to pull next weekend off adding only one additional service. Hopefully, that helps put things in perspective for everyone.

Sooooooo…one more time, here are some guidelines to help make it work on that day:

1. One hundred of you make the decision THIS Sunday (as in tomorrow) to make the 8:30 cafe your service so that it will go smooth one week early.

2. One hundred more agree to move to Saturday night (these people need to be from the ‘holdouts’ still attending the 10:00 and 11:30 in the main auditorium).

3. This one is new. Would any of you who have already made the 10:00 cafe your worship home, be willing to switch to the 8:30 cafe? That would take a TREMENDOUS burden off the main sanctuary for 3/11.

4. If you are bringing guests who do not know Jesus Christ as savior, please DO ATTEND whatever service they want to come to. As I only half way jokingly said in my last blog, they are your ‘ticket’ in.

5. Make the decision as small groups to populate and serve one of these alternate service times and locations.

That’s it for now.

Times up, as they say.

Ready or not. Here they come!!!