The ‘No-Sign’ Sign


In Mark 8:11 we see some religious leaders make a familiar request of Jesus.


“Show us a sign!”


There’s only one problem…


They’d already seen somewhere in the neighborhood of a gazillion “signs” from Jesus!!! What in the world was wrong with those people???!!!


  • too dumb to pick up on the supernatural?
  • too hardened to see good in anything?
  • too far gone to turn to God?
  • too blinded by their own invented religion to see the Messiah in front of their face?
  • too arrogant to share glory?
  • too paranoid to trust?
  • too envious to put others first?
  • too used to being upfront to ever go last?

No, it’s actually all of those but much, much more—a spiritual disease far worse that still threatens us today.


I’ll reveal it tomorrow.


Vaccines will also be available.