The Long Haul


The Long Haul


Are you a ‘Long Haul’ person or a ‘Short Cut’ type?


Quick Assessment:


Short Cut People


  • want no bumps in the road
  • look for the shortest distance between two points—period.
  • will look for a different route at the first hint of a valley
  • never have the time to invest in a journey that isn’t quick and short.
  • own a microwave but not a crock pot
  • won’t do the hard work required for deep, long lasting relationships—so they don’t have any.
  • are shallow
  • have an ever present sense of entitlement
  • almost always develop a chip on their shoulder because short cuts almost never work out.


Long Haul People


  • have many friendships and they generally run deep
  • are servant-hearted
  • give no heed to the width, steepness, roughness, or inconvenience of a path, but rather, choose what will stretch them and mature them in Christ
  • own microwaves and crock pots 
  • will do the hard work as long as it takes to accomplish something worthwhile
  • never feel they should just be given things, but always work hard for what they have
  • don’t make snap judgments
  • run deep
  • seem full of joy most of the time



Two very different types of people—mostly a product of the paths they choose in life.


Which are you?