The End of “Planet Earth!”


What an incredible series for God!

Planet Earth is over now; however, like global warming, we’ll be feeling the effects for some time to come. Unlike global warming ALL of these effects are real and ALL of these effects are good!

The week before the series began we saw 116 people come to Christ as Clayton King shared the gospel. Before that, although sad and tragic, we saw God bring good from pain as 94 people came to Christ during the memorials services of Todd Hage and Tom Hinkle. In this series we’ve just wrapped up, another 86 individuals bent the knee to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and, as the Bible says here, passed from death unto life!

God is moving in tremendous ways at SCC. That’s 266 former hellbounders in the last 7 weeks who are now a part of the family of God!


So what’s next? Are we going to Disneyworld?

Nope, better. We’re going to IGNITE Charlotte, Weddington, Mecklenburg County, Union County and beyond for Jesus Christ. Are you ready for this? Because we need YOU in this series as well. Everyone will be a part of Ignite and that will make the impact that much greater.

So, on the one hand, I’m sad that ‘Planet Earth’ is over, on the other hand, I can hardly wait to see God Ignite this church to reach the world!

One last time, as we remember Planet Earth, here are the 2 videos from this past weekend;

The ‘Forbidden Fruit.’

And the, ‘Family Vacation’ video.