The end of one era and the start of another


CIMG3430This past weekend was a chapter in our lives we will not soon forget. It was the last annual beach trip fro my son, Nathan.

That was sad. They grow up way to fast!

But, it was also the first for my daughter, Julaina!

And her mother and my lovely bride, Michelle!

That’s right, the entire Singleton clan went on the 8th annual Southbrook Kid’s Beach Trip.

And it was off the hook fun!

So, though it will be the end of an era with my son (we’ve been on 4 of these things together!), it was the start of an era with my daughter. Michelle will take her the next couple of years and hopefully it will come to mean as much to them as it has to Nathan and me.

But this year—for one time only—it was all of us together! What a blast!

And what a blessing kids are!

Spend every second you can with them while they are young. Don’t delay, because they will be all grown up before you know it and the foundation you laid while they were young will carry you through the rest of your lives together.

I think we have a pretty good one!

So, while it killed me to miss the first ever LIVE recording of Southbrook’s praise and worship, I think you all will agree…

I couldn’t let this opportunity pass.

For more on the weekend see my wife’s blog post here. She writes better than I do! You can also get there by going to

Here are a few pictures as well.















































































The “Polar Bear Club”























More Pictures…