The digits



And now (drum role please)…dadalut, dadalut, dadalut..


A topic more powerful than a nuclear blast


A truth deeper and more complex than Einstein’s theory of relativity.


A subject more controversial than the 2000 election.


A theme more riveting than the last half hour of the movie, “Braveheart.”


A subject matter more serious than a reprimand from Miss Bottomsworth in third grade.


A premise more promising than holding the winning lotto numbers in your sweaty little hands.


What is it?




Pure and simple.




How many brand new Christ followers are their now as a result of God moving mightily this weekend at Southbrook Church?


While the turnout was a bit lower than what I’d hoped, I was brought back to reality when someone asked me why we planned such an important event for a summer weekend. That’s a good question. On the one hand I suppose you could look at it and think that…on the other hand, however, I look at it as a weekend that is historically low, and that turned out decent because of all of you who did whatever it took to get your friends, family and loved ones to Southbrook to hear our own, Clayton King present the gospel in a clear, compelling way. The week will probably come in around 2200. And, yes, I was hoping and praying for 3,000, but it will come…



God says to me at times like these, ‘Patience, young grasshopper.’


Truth? That number is not the one that matters. This one is…


116 people gave their lives to Jesus at Southbrook church!



And that’s not all. Earlier in the week we saw something happen that only God can do. God alone can take heartbreak and bring some joy. God alone can take pain and loss and turn it into eternal gain. As fireman, father, husband and Southbrook member Todd Hage went home to be with Jesus, his memorial service turned into a massive movement of the Holy Spirit on the hearts of those gathered. We counted at least 63 people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ!


Friends, do you realize that nearly 200 people have passed from death unto life in just the last 5 days?!


I hope you’ll drop to your knees and thank God for how He moved this weekend, and even this past week.


And could you then do this, tell us your story.


Every number, every name on the CD’s is a real person with a real story. Will you tell us yours?


I’ll start…


My wife, Michelle invited her brother Rob (cool name, huh?) to spend the last 10 days with us (he lives in Florida). We lured him up here with white water rafting at the new White Water National Training center, indoor rock climbing at Inner peaks, a day at Carowinds, several movies and whatever else it took. She really took tearing off the roof to heart!


But you know what?

He came Saturday night and did not make a decision for Christ.


Michelle was crushed.


However, I reminded her that Clayton King was also staying at our house and that I had wanted her brother, Rob to come to the Saturday evening service for just this reason.


“It’s ok, honey,” I said, “Now Clayton and I will tag team him till midnight if it takes it!”


It didn’t take that long.


At 11:35 on Saturday night, Rob Murphy prayed with me and Clayton to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!!


You better believe that number matters to me!! And it matters to Michelle!!


Normally, to wake Michelle past 10:00 or 11:00 pm is a death sentence, but I took my chances that this particular news would win me a stay of execution.


It did, she cried endless tears of joy that her brother here on earth is now her brother in Christ as well!


It’s a week I will never forget.


The ups and the downs.


The losses and the gains.


At the end of this post you can see some pictures from the day…but for now…


Please take the next couple of days to click on the comments section below this post and type out your own story of the changed life of a loved one. We really want to hear them!


Can’t wait to read them!

Oh, and tell us the other stories too…the ones about the people who didn’t make it to Southbrook Church this weekend. The frustration, the heartache. Because, to you all I want to say this, “This is not the last weekend we are going to do this.” At Southbrook we are all about reaching the lost and confused and far from God. Don’t give up on your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Just get ready to tear the roof off to get them here next time!

So, tell us your story by leaving a comment.