The Christmas Challenge Begins this Weekend!



Tired of the same old – same old? Few holidays extract more effort from people for the illusive “Perfect Christmas.” Year after year after year, people try to rearrange events, stop inviting party poopers, purchase just the right gift for that hard to please individual, decorate their home better than the Grisswalds, read from a book of the latest “heart warming” Christmas story, and anything else you can imagine in order to capture the Christmas Spirit that in all the previous years managed to stay just out of reach.


And every year they fail.


Sad because God never meant for this celebration of His Son coming to earth to be some sort of “Mission Impossible” as far as connecting the dots. In fact, while it’s breathtakingly beautiful it’s also amazingly simple.


It all comes down to a choice.


A simple yet profound choice.


This year everyone who comes to Southbrook Church will get to personally choose between another ‘miss’ at Christmas or finally and permanently finding all the peace and joy God so very much wants us all to know. I hope you’ll not only join us for the three week series, but also invite everyone you know to take “The Christmas Challenge” right along with you.


Up for it?


I can’t make you. I wish I could—like making a 3 year old take their medicine. In the end they will feel much better. But I can’t because this is one of those decisions we each make for ourselves.


Chose your Christmas.


Once again we’ve made inviting folks mind-numbingly easy. Click here for your Weddington Campus e-vite and here for your Monroe Campus e-vite.