The Choice


I wonder, how many times has my devotional started at the beginning? Literally, in the book of beginnings?

A hundred?


Any how many times have I opened up to Genesis on my way to reading through the Bible?

A lot. It’s a logical place to start.

That’s why I’m absolutely thrilled at the magic of God’s great book and the ability to discover new truths each and every time—no matter how many times I read it!

This one sentence ROCKED ME! Here it is, ‘In the middle of the garden he placed the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.’

That’s huge!

The previous section of scripture talked about beautiful trees and plants, but these 2 trees are different. They are the most beautiful and impressive, they are in the middle of this paradise, and they are right next to each other!

No matter where Adam and Eve went (east to west, north to south) they’d pass through the middle of the garden and daily be faced with, ‘The Choice.’

Both trees were centrally located and easily accessed.

Both trees were pleasing to the eye.

The man and woman knew the tree of life had awesome fruit! Why wouldn’t the tree of the knowledge of good and evil be just as good?

Or perhaps, better?

And believe it or not, this is where love entered the picture.

Love is never forced. And where there is no free will—where there is no choice, there can also be no love. We’re free to follow God and walk with Him in newness of life through Jesus Christ the Son.

And we’re free to walk away.

Do our own thing.

Stiff arm God.

How much of life is really about this one simple choice?