The Beat Goes On!


CIMG2835Last night, New Life 91.9 (the premier ‘Christian’ radio station in Charlotte) came to our Vacation Bible School for an Ice Cream extravaganza!

Nevermind the fancy name, all the kids knew was FREE ICE CREAM!!

Thanks New Life!

And VBS continues to grow. Tonight we will wrap up VBS at Southbrook Central. We had almost a third more kids this year than last year and the most important number is the 74 kids who gave their lives to Jesus!!

What a way to go into VBS at Southbrook Monroe. If you were touched by what you saw or heard this week at VBS, why don’t you plan on joining the team over at Benten Heights Elementary as we prepare to touch hundreds of lives with the gospel message of Jesus?! We can always take one more volunteer.

Also, the Launch Team (who have been meeting at Southbrook Central @ 8:30 am each Sunday in the Video Cafe) are going to be holding the first service over at the Elementary school this Sunday! I know they would definitely welcome the help so contact Paul Allen (our executive pastor) at the Church and let him know you’re coming as well!

Once that first (on location) service is under our belt, we will be inviting our new VBS friends, neighbors, co-workers and family to the following weekend as we begin our fist series at Southbrook Monroe!

I even hope a lot of you Southbrook Central regulars will head on down there for a few weeks to help out in the early stages. It would be well appreciated.

Ok, gang, get ready for IMPACT!

Don’t miss it!