The Bad, The Good, The Better, The Best and the PERFECT.


A lot of choices are laid out in front of us throughout our lives. Some are easy. For instance, choosing between good and bad is usually so starkly different that most have no trouble seeing the contrast and making the right choice—especially if you are a follower of Jesus Christ. Although, one has to admit that we all inexplicably choose (at times) what we know will harm us—what we know is bad.

The Bible has a three letter word for this bizarre attitude and occasional (for some) demonstration of illogical behavior.

It’s called SIN.

Not a real popular word today.

Certainly not with the PC crowd.

But even those of us who get a bit nauseous every time the subject of political correctness comes up, there is still the occasional gravitational pull toward sin and stupidity. I like the way the Life Application Commentary puts it:

Faced with the choice of something good or something ‘obviously’ bad, only a foolish or misguided person would choose “bad.” Good should win every time.

At the next level, however, choices become more difficult—“good” and “better.” Again in this case, the logical choice would seem to be “better,” but the choice is not as clear-cut as in the former situation: The differences between the two opinions may seem significant, the reasons for choosing what purports to be “better,” may be unconvincing, and staying with the familiar “good” may feel comfortable and convenient. Thus, faced with keeping the “good” or moving up to “better,” many people stick with what they have, because, after all, it’s not “bad.”

The next choice is even more difficult—deciding between “better” and “best.” Again, the obvious choice would seem to be “best,” every time, but many miss what is best and settle, instead, for “better,” or simply, “good.” For them it is better to stick with what they know.


Wow, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it? But don’t miss the point in the linguistic jungle. As the choices in life take on an element of “goodness,” the “best” and almost certainly the “PERFECT,” stand a very real chance of being missed altogether.


And now we finally get to the real reason for this post. The awesome book of “Hebrews.”


As a church, we are embarking on a journey through this book of “bests” and “PERFECTS” because that is what God wants for His children.


But I warn you, getting to what is “best” is not always easy and almost never clear cut. Along the way the road is littered with bads, goods and even betters.


Choose wisely.


I only want the best for you.