The Answer



You were expecting more?


Can’t help you there. I’m just the messenger. I thought you’d be thrilled to actually know for certain what the God of the universe wants you to do. A lot of times people hem and haw about ‘not knowing the will of God for their lives.’

Well hem no more!

You can stop hawing as well (whatever that is).

At Southbrook Church our five purposes are none other than the five purposes for every believer on planet earth. We are to Worship God, tell others about Jesus, fellowship with other believers, grow in Christ, and serve one another. It’s just that simple.


Now, there are an infinite variety of ways for us all to do this, but whether or not we should’’ do these things is not even up for discussion—unless you’re looking to get out of living a life of obedience to the One who called you. And I have higher hopes for my readers than that. So let’s forge ahead.

How do I know this is what the Lord wants you to do this week? Let me take the long way in answering that.

First, did you know that polls (Gallup polls) have indicated that approximately eight out of ten people would come to church for Easter if only they were invited?! That’s awesome, right?


Here’s the not so awesome part. Very few believers are inviting these days—even with can’t lose odds like 80%. They rest instead on the hopes that someone else will do it while they merely show up and warm a seat.


Why would anyone not want to invite people—tons of people—to church at a time of celebration like Easter?

A couple reasons:

  • They are scared of rejection (Weird, huh? I’ve never heard of anyone dying from someone turning down their church invite).
  • They are embarrassed to bring them to their church because they think it will not be relevant. Question…If you are in this camp, WHAT ARE YOU DOING AT THAT CHURCH?!

Now, I said there were five purposes. How is it I am focusing with absolute certainty on just one? Well, it is because of the sheer numbers of lost people who will be gracing the doorsteps of churches around the world in just a few days. The vast majority of them do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Occasionally, God will lay one purpose more strongly upon your heart than the others—sometimes two or three. This week I have a heavy burden and an almost unbearable sense of urgency that we all (not just he hired guns known as ‘pastors’) need to focus on “GOING” out and inviting our friends, co-workers, neighbors and family members to church where they are sure to find the peace they are so desperately searching for.

So, here are your marching orders—one word…


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