That’s Key


Ever have someone get mad at you because they feel you didn’t tell them some information that was pretty critical?

  • Critical for getting the job done on time
  • Critical for getting the job done correctly
  • Critical for resolving family conflict
  • Critical for the safety of others
  • Critical for arriving at the right location
  • Critical for breaking up a fight
  • Critical for…

Seems “Key” information can sometimes be critical for a lot of things.

Sometimes we withhold information from others for a lot of foolish reasons that actually boil down to selfishness or laziness.

  • I didn’t want to hurt their feelings (read: I was afraid of conflict)
  • I didn’t have time (read: I’m lazy)
  • I forgot (read: I’m disorganized)
  • I didn’t want to get involved
  • yada, yada, yada

In Ecclesiastes 3:1–14 (you can read it here), Solomon is sharing a bit of key information as to why life actually does have purpose. After spending the first 2 chapters building a case for the absolute uselessness of much of what we do in life, Solomon brings this key information into the argument to save the day. Without this key, Ecclesiastes would be nothing but a morbid exercise in how to be depressed. With this key, it becomes the polar opposite. Here’s what Solomon adds. I think you’ll agree—it’s pretty key.

The Preacher (Solomon) has now (in chapter 3) brought God into his view of “life under heaven.” This brings purpose instead of vanity. The preacher basically declares, “God knew when I would be born. He knows when I will die.”

Hmm…When some of us make our lofty plans in life we are actually banking on quite a few assumptions.

  • I will live to a ripe old age.
  • Everything will go according to plan
  • There will be few if any hiccups along the way

Fat chance!

On the other hand, God knew when I would be born. He knows when I will die. And that trumps every other plan or bit of knowledge.

I’d say that’s pretty key information for making the case that only living for God really matters in this life.

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