That Dang Bunny is worse than Sanjaya!


Bunny 2

I can’t help it. Every year this cheesy, cornball, politically correct, rodent gets top billing!

Look at him (her…whatever)! What’s the fuss all about?! A few bites and it’s gone! And who remembers him TWO SECONDS after Easter?! No one. Yet, every year he pulls off the world’s greatest double reverse! When he appears on the scene (right at about 3 seconds after Christmas is over) everyone all of the sudden takes a great interest in colored eggs and chocolate anythings and…what is it, exactly that he offers?!

He doesn’t have any super powers.

He’s not even as cool as some of these lame, lesser known super powers I read about online today:

1. Crystal shield. A block of translucent crystal can be created out of thin air.

2. Plasma blast: The plasma character can expel the energy from his body <— That’s just gross!

3. Plastic Man: He (get this) stretches. Isn’t that, Elasticman’s power?


Need I go on? The point is, the Easter Bunny is NOTHING!

I know. I know. I’ve heard the weak attempts of Christians to connect, stretch, completely transform, the Easter Bunny into some sort of Christian icon pointing the way to Christ, but they’re laughable. Sanjaya

That’s like trying to connect Sanjaya to actual musical talent. It’s too much of a leap. It just can’t be done!

Why not skip the meaningless detour and just go right to the message of our risen Lord?

Just a thought.

Oh, by the way. Someone asked if we are going to have an Easter Egg hunt this year.

Of course!

I said the whole bunny thing was lame, but I still love chocolate! And the bottom-line…whether I like it or not? People come out for these things and I’d wear my hair like Sanjaya if I knew it would cause people to come hear about the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

But that doesn’t mean I’d like it.