“thank you, thank you, thank you!”


So many things about yesterday honestly blew me away, from the turn out (despite the coldest April day in Charlotte HISTORY), to the music, to the ENERGY and fun, to the honest celebration from the heart of a couple thousand people — it was all great!

Two things that stand out for me today, however, we’re the number of adults who gave their lives to Christ (131!! Yeah God!!) and the incredible job of our volunteers both in the ministry fair and in making the day flow so smoothly.

E-mails and blog comments are still coming in about how Jesus changed lives at the services yesterday. I have a feeling they’ll be coming in for a good while ! I learned that I need a better system for identifying so many people with their hands raised (hands went up, hands went down, hands went up again, some stayed up, some flew up in the closing seconds) best we can tell there were at least 131 people who committed their lives yesterday. I think next time I’ll take a page out of the Clayton King play-book and have them stand — It’s the least we can do after all that Christ has done! Besides, they are less likely to “stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight,” that way (unless it was at Mass and they were doing that anyway !

Oh lighten up! Take a joke!

And as far as the Ministry Fair goes, it was OFF THE HOOK! I honestly did not expect that much effort to go into that thing and I believe the effort paid off as the ministry fair was slammed. Last time I saw a line like that it was for the opening of Star Wars! It was so far beyond fire code it wasn’t even funny!

Oops, was that out loud?

Every ministry pulled out all the stops. Take a look at a couple pictures from it…enjoy!Ministry Fair Crowd


The Crowd






 Ministry Fair Crowd 2









 Ministry Fair basketball

 The Booths (some of them)

1st Impressions Ministry





 Ministry Fair Production

 Production Ministry






  Ministry Fair Production 2








 Ministry Fair Music Booth



 Worship Ministry Booth





All in all, A GREAT DAY!!

Oh, did I remember to say, “THANK YOU!?”