Thank You!


You know how God has a way of lifting your spirits in unsuspecting ways, through surprising people, when you need it the most? Well today He did it again.

Lately I have spent untold hours trying to help bring about reconciliation and healing (as well as truth) to a very difficult mess between brothers and sisters in Christ.



I’ve mostly felt like a complete failure.

I guess mediation and resolution are not going to be at the top of my resume any time soon. Good thing I won’t be needing a resume—God has called me to Southbrook for life. And hopefully He won’t change His mind on that one!

Oops, looks like I’m rabbit trailing again…Where was I?

Oh yeah. “Thank you.”

Thank you, Reverend Kofi for speaking truth and for praying with me—and just for providing wisdom and insight along this difficult journey. I admire you and the work you’ve done. Today you helped strengthen my resolve to stay the course, come what may.

Keep it up and keep the faith!

Because you have—it makes it easier for people like me.