Take it or leave it — You decide.


How fitting that my time with the Lord told of the paranoia of Joseph’s brothers after their father (Jacob) passed away. Today, at church we talked about getting mired in the muck of guilt.

Guilt can actually be a good thing when it helps lead us to repentance and change. But guilt is also like milk—keep it around too long and it will sour on you. It will cause you to doubt God’s forgiveness and create trust issues in every areas of our lives.

Joseph already forgave his brothers, but they could never really believe it because (to them) their sins were too great to simply have the slate wiped clean.

What a shame. They missed out on a lot because of their lack of understanding of the power of this great and wonderful thing called ‘forgiveness.’

You can read about it here.

I don’t know about you, but I for one love the fact that God is a God of second chances.

I’ve needed plenty of them.