Take Advantage of This!



I’ve heard that, “While the cat’s away, the mice will play.” Sometimes it’s true of church attendance—not so much anymore at SCC because we have such stellar speakers come in when I am gone.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are those who only come when I’m not there!

Just kidding! But who knows?

Anyway, I hope this weekend will not be such a time. If you did not attend last night, you missed out. But the good news is that Joe Sangl will be with us all three services tomorrow sharing a biblical perspective for mastering your money before it masters you!

And we all need to hear this.

One of the greatest hurdles for people these days who desire to do great things for God is their finances—or, lack of finances. Today more people are enslaved to debt than at any other time in history. And, sadly, when you look at Christians, the situation isn’t any better.

Christians should know better, but when it comes to debt and credit and shopping and living beyond our means—we’re hard to beat!

I’m going to go out on a limb here though and assume most of you (like me) don’t want to live that way. Perhaps it would help to know that God’s Word commands us not to live that way.

Oh you find that hard to believe?

Read it here,

and here,

and here.

In fact, just read through the entire book of Proverbs and you’ll hear God loud and clear on this one.

Friends, this year is already shaping up to be a miracle year for Southbrook. Don’t let financial bondage keep you out of the game for God.

Get in the game!

It starts tomorrow.

Also, I am going to keep the following reminder up for the next couple of days because it has been so helpful to so many…—> P.S. On a different note, a lot of folks have told me that yesterday’s post was very helpful for them to understand more about Southbrook and the way we are structured. If you haven’t read it you can do so here.