Tacky Day

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This morning my 8 year old daughter came down the stairs and declared that it was officially, ‘Tacky Day.’


It got me thinking. Is it just me (probably — usually is), or does it seem like a lot of Religious people (and, yes, sadly some naive Christians as well — come to think of it, even an occasional apostle) woke up approximately 1 day after Christ ascended up into heaven 2,000 years ago and declared every day hence forth, ‘tacky day?’

* First you have Ananias and his wife Sapphira. All caught up in the excitement and furver of the first church and they wanted to scam their way to the top. Read about it here.

*Then there was Saul (who later redeemed himself and became known as the apostle, Paul). But he started out as a real jerk! Read here.



* Then you have the rise of the self serving health, wealth and prosperity crowd mentioned here.



* Bone-headed leaders mentioned here, and here.



Oh, I could go on and on and on.


I think I will.



Why didn’t they learn from the Old Testament boneheads like this guy?



Or ignorant friends with their ungodly theories. Like these guys?



Or evil king after evil king after evil king, for all of whom, this is said?






Again, we could go on and on, but this time I won’t. It’s all in the Bible if you care to look. You see, biblical history really is a great teacher. If you’re willing to listen.


But we don’t. So we’ve carried on this rather tacky tradition right up until today.



Think of the Jim Joneses and David Koresh types…



Or the Ted Haggert, Jim Baker, Robert Tilton gang.






And remind yourself in a cold, shrill moment of truth that…



But for the grace of God, there go I!


My little girl didn’t have to declare it at all.



Tacky Day.


Already done.


Thank goodness it’s optional.