Surprise Revealed!


…for the 3 people in North Carolina who haven’t yet figured it out.

Drum Roll Pl07-YCI-BOTB-poster-invertease, “Dadalutdadalutdadalut…”

SARA & KATI SCOTT won the 2007 YCI Battle of the Bands competition on October 27th, 2007.

WOW! What does that mean?

It means that out of the 77 million bands that entered (give or take a million) one of our own has placed first in North Carolinas top Christian radio station’s talent search.

We are thrilled that these two talented ladies did such a great job and
we need your support!


Sorry, had to get your attention, because this part is very important. —> For whatever reason, 91.9 is delayed in airing the interview with Sara (it will probably go next week) so we do not want you to unleash the Southbrook deluge just yet. It might even air today, if not, than I would think for sure the first half of next week. Regardless, we need to wait before we start calling in to request what will undoubtedly be the most popular song they’ve had in years!

Ok? So… CHILLAX! Take a deep breath and wait. On the count of three, 1, 2, NO, Just Kidding! You really need to wait. I will give the green light on this blog. Promise. When I do, here’s what you do…

Call or e-mail New Life 91.9 and request “Your Love does no Wrong”
by Sara & Kati Scott.