Are you Ready?

Are you really, really, ready?

I hope so, cause YO, ha…

Oh Yes, he’s here, ah, swing man is here!

Oh yes, he’s here, the Xman is here…

wait a minute, that’s a song…

where was I?

Oh yeah, the surprise! Are you ready to JUMP ON IT?!

One of the most memorable weekends EVER at Southbrook was just a few short weeks ago as we witnessed 140 people give their lives to Jesus Christ! I will never forget that day as long as we live. Not only was it special for the transformed lives we saw, but also because I sensed the Lord doing even more than I’d previously hoped or imagined! See this verse

In short, that was JUST THE BEGINNING!

God really used His anointed servant, Clayton King to communicate His love and mercy to each and every one of us.

And the whole weekend got me thinking…(always a dangerous thing!).

What if we asked Clayton King to join the team at Southbrook Church as a teaching pastor?

Sound crazy?

I didn’t think so.

Neither did he.

Neither did our awesome, God out of the box, big faith staff!

So, we put it out there, knowing that we have a budgeted amount every year for guest speakers anyway. I know some of you are thinking, How do we afford this with needing a new building and all.

Meet our permanent guest speaker, Clayton King.

Well, sort of.

We need to start slow (just a few times this year) because there isn’t much in there (the remaining budget), but we also have a wonderful team of in-house speakers on the teaching team with Paul, Tim, Geoffrey, Daryl and others (some you haven’t even heard yet).


God is on the move at SCC!

Please join me in welcoming our newest (itinerate) teaching pastor, Clayton King!!


Clayton is married to Charie and has 2 little boys, Jacob and Joseph. And don’t make fun of his hair (or lack of it), remember, he’s not bald, he prefers to think of himself as a solar powered love machine!