Sure it was good…BUT!


Ok, it’s official. If I hear this again I think I might go postal.

On the one hand, there is no mistaking the excitement in the air at SCC. There’s no escaping it. It’s EVERYWHERE God is and that’s, well…EVERYWHERE!

On the other hand….There are always a few who think too much of a good thing is, well, too much good.

Let me explain…It’s quite possible that this G-Force series has seen God move in more incredible ways than almost any other time at SCC. People are picking up the vision, embracing the mission and finding their place on the team. Praise GOD for that! We need you!

On the other hand, you remember the 2 ancient guys in the balcony from that old show, “The Muppets“? I’m wondering if they’ve started a small group at SCC. I say small because (thank goodness) they never seem to be able to get any traction toward moving toward something really big and ugly. Every time they crank up (pun intended) the wave of passionate followers of Christ washes right over them. But, they’re still out there recruiting nonetheless.

So, to help them along (because, believe me, they need it) I’ve decided to let you all listen in on one of their rants. My hope is that they (the 2 grumpy old men and their ‘followers) will launch out on their own and start a church according to their own style. They could call it, Discouragement Church, or, The Redeemer Rules (<-- a fun little play on words for them --- rules being a noun in case you were wondering), or, The No humor church, etc. The choices are endless.

Pastor Rob: Hi grumps! How’d you like the service today? Wasn’t that awesome worship?

Grumpy 1: Awesome worship?! Awesome worship?! Why, in my day we wouldn’t allow that kinda noise anywhere near the church. It’s LOUD, TOO MUCH EXCITEMENT, PEOPLE SHOULDN’T LOOK LIKE THEY’RE HAVING THAT MUCH FUN AT CHURCH!…

Pastor Rob: You don’t think church can be fun?

Grumpy men together: No, that’s offensive!

Grumpy 2: Yeah, and YOU need to hold yourself to a higher standard. What’s with all the enthusiasm about what’s going on here? It’s BRAGGING, pure and simple!

Pastor Rob: Bragging? But we give the glory to God alone?

Grumpy 2: Oh sure you do in public, but I’ll bet you take it all back for yourself when you’re alone at night!

Pastor Rob: Huh?

Grumpy 1: What? Now your harda hearin AND conceited?

Pastor Rob: Listen, I think I know what’s going on here. You two are upset about the message because I clearly said, ‘knowledge without heart is useless—

Grumpy 1: Dern right we are. How ya spose ta get yer point across if it’s all sugar-coated in all that Lovey dovey nonsense?! In fact, you outta stop with all the crystal clear statements of the way Jesus wants us to do live our lives. It offends us wishy washy types!

Commercial break (‘Christians’ living that way (like, ‘grumpcakes‘) might take it as a personal attack. <-- By the way, that's like not teaching on adultery because someone out there might be in it up to their eyeballs! We wouldn’t want them to feel like God was singling him out.

Scene 2:

Grumpy 1: Hey, I ain’t done disciplinin ya about yer braggin!

Grumpy 2: Me neither!

Grumpy 1: What’s with all the comparasins going on between Soutbrook and everywhere else?!

Pastor Rob: Excuse me? I don’t mention other churches. Did I name your church or something?

Grumpy 1: It’s implied!

Pastor Rob: How?

Grumpy 2: Like when ya come out all happy clappy after the music, if you can call that confounded racket music, and say stuff like, “Good morning Southbrook!”

Pastor Rob: You’re kidding?

Grumpy 2: We look like kidders to you?

Pastor Rob: I guess not, but it’s just that I don’t see how, “Good morning” is putting down—

Grumpy 1: Oh, you’re good, you’re real good. I’ll tell ya how it is. When ya say, Gooood Moooorning Southbrook,” all syruppy sweet like that, it implies that all the other churches are having BAD mornings!

Pastor Rob: Oh nevermind.

Scene 3: Pastor Rob walks away while the grumpy old men continue arguing among themselves. They don’t even notice Rob is gone.

I like the way my good friend Steven Furtick put it on a blog of his recently. Here’s what he said…

Blog Title: ‘Don’t let this go to your head…’

Why do Christians feel compelled to say this to each other? Don’t we realize that it cancels out the encouragement we’re about to offer?

What if I encouraged Holly like this?Before we went out to eat last night, what if I said:“Baby, don’t let this go to your head, but you look nice tonight. I don’t want you thinking it’s all about you or anything, or to put confidence in outward beauty instead of the inward beauty of a pure heart, but you do look nice.”

Why bother?

More people are dying inside because of the encouragement that they are starving for than the compliments that “went to their heads”.

Let’s encourage each other! No qualifiers, no disclaimers, just build each other up!

Today, some people encouraged me, and they didn’t preface it with any kind of caution. I guess they figure I walk with God, and am aware enough of my own weaknesses and limits to understand that it’s all about Jesus. Trust me, this small town boy from Moncks Corner South Carolina knows where his help comes from.

One man told me today that my preaching had saved His marriage and that his wife had told him before he left the house to meet with me that my preaching had saved her life this year.Glory to Jesus.

It doesn’t go to my head.It goes to my heart.And gives me courage and joy. And inspires gratitude and faith toward God.

Encourage someone today, in a reckless and uncensored way. And let it go to their hearts.

Right on, Steven! But don’t let it go to your head! :)