Sunday Evening Mind Dump


This mind dump is going to be just that—a backing up of the dump-truck (beep, beep, beep) and a depositing of what’s on my mind and heart.


In no particular order:


  • Thrilled to preach live at Southbrook Monroe today! Those people are series about reaching that city for Jesus!
  • Got messed up with the service time change and left the people singing at Monroe for like 7 hours! Ok, more like 35 minutes but I definitely need to watch that a bit closer.
  • Saw the set that the gang (led by master builder, Mike Parrot) built for Southbrook Monroe’s VBS—actually preached from “Crocodile Dock!” Very realistic. Kept thinking a gaiter was gonna get me! Great job gang! Especially you, Mike!
  • Today a bunch of folks gave their lives to Jesus and stood among a sea of people—confessing their new found commitment to Jesus! That’s what it’s all about!!!
  • Ended one direction in the book of Hebrews and took another. No, not on a whim, but due to the fact that the author (Paul, I think) shifts to ‘application’ after chapter 10.
  • Application is a four letter word to some. “You’re not supposed to actually apply this stuff, pastor Rob!”
  • Sorry, my bad.
  • Thought occurred to me that to some “mature” (pseudo quotes) Christians, the apostle Paul is about to get really shallow with this shift. Isn’t application always shallow?
  • Also occurred to me that verse by verse, expository teaching isn’t practiced by ANYONE in scripture—no verses added tell 300 years later!
  • How’d the ancients endure all that baby stuff for so long?
  • Augustine was a baby!
  • Apparently, so was Peter.
  • James? Still in diapers.
  • John? No better than preschool according to a lot of folks screaming, “deeper!” from the safety of the baby pool.
  • I’m just saying.
  • So was anyone else before the “feed me” sages inserted chapter and verse and helped save us from those shallow peddlers of the simple gospel—like Jesus.
  • Question. Why can’t the “feed me” crowd hold a fork?
  • Can you feel the sarcasm yet?
  • Beginning a couple weeks off starting in 5,4,3,2,1…NOW!
  • Hipeee!
  • That was awkward.
  • Forgot how to relax. Pray for me.
  • Someone informed me that an old friend has been slandering me—Wow, that’s never happened. Don’t foget to insert more sarcasm here.
  • More disappointing? Some listened without ever seeking the truth. Anyone ever had this happen?
  • Jesus comes to mind.
  • I’m pumped about the start of OnePrayer for us this coming week! We will be hearing form some of the greatest communicators of God’s Word anywhere!! Pray that God uses these messages in a big way!
  • Pray that God uses the one we taped as He sees fit. “God is…I Am.”
  • If you missed it at our Weddington campus back in April—Southbrook Monroe kicks off their one prayer series with my message this weekend.
  • That’s it for now. I’m going to try this new thing they call sleep. I’ll let you know how it goes.