Starting to get pretty pumped!


Gang, we have so many exciting things planned for the Fall that I can hardly stand it! Literally one or two major things each month that God is doing that will blow your mind. That’s why I’m pumped to be back for a good long stretch now. There’s so much to do.

I’ll try to keep you updated on all of it so you too can prepare to join God where He is moving. Let’s start with the progress at our Monroe site for today’s post.

They tell me that once we raise the last thirty thousand or so, we can finish everything in a matter of weeks. The place will seat over 800 and have everything to make it feel just like Southbrook Central!

Here are a few pictures for you as well as one of the outside of the New building at Central campus.


First, Southbrook Central


It’s really starting to take shape! The smaller portion on the left will be the new offices, and the right is the sanctuary, bookstore, coffee shop and more.


Here are some shots of the Monroe Campus.

CIMG2994 CIMG2995

CIMG2983 CIMG2984