Staff Retreat




I like the way Mark Driscoll refers to these leadership getaways better. For us it wasn’t a time of relaxation or retreating. It was a time of charging forward and advancing on Satan’s territory more and more each day!


And it all began with a little personality exploration…


Personality Plus by Marty Montegue

For the last few days the Southbrook staff has been on “advance” (opposite of retreat) exploring personalities and leadership styles. We all took a personality profile and the results are in! Let’s see if you can match the personality type to your Southbrook staff.



Mother Teresa

Dr. Seuss

Bill Cosby

David Letterman

CS Lewis (3 staff members )

King David (4 staff members)

Donald Duck

Bugs bunny


Staff Members

Geoffrey Janes

Marty Montague

Daryl Sutherland

Rob Singleton

Joni Haiduc

Paul Allen

Dan Rutty

Judy Lawrence

Scott Tyson

Mike Cruiser

Mary Padgett

Nydia Pastoriza



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What does it say that many of our staff have the personalities of fictional cartoon characters? Pray for us as we complete our time away together. We seek to come together in unity and oneness of mind as we head into the busy days ahead.


Key (the answers)

Mother Teresa (Joni)

Dr. Seuss, Bill Cosby (Rob)

David Letterman (Mike)

CS Lewis (3 staff members ) Marty, Geoffrey, Scott

King David (4 staff members) Daryl, Paul, Nydia, Dan

Donald Duck (Judy)

Bugs bunny (Mary)