Staff Play Day


This Tuesday we had a staff fun day. We do this on the fifth Tuesday of each month. So, a raid of the new Starbucks at the Barnes and Noble at Carolina Place was followed by an exercise in book browsing for titles that best represent the three eras of our lives (Childhood, Young adult and adult years). Here are some of the results that stood out to me:
Childhood years:
Where the wild things are
Children of the storm
Oh, the places we’ll go!
Middle Years:
Stop laughing at me!
Adult years:
Winning the war against gravity
I may be old, but I’m slow!
The Wave
Guardians of the Lost
I loved hearing these. It told me a lot about the people on the SCC team and, NO, I’m not going to tell you who wrote what (you have to try and guess yourselves and then attempt to pry it out of staff members — forget asking me though. I ain’t budging!).
I have, however, submitted a few of the more disturbing ones to the FBI for immediate personality profile testing. Better safe than sorry. :)