Spontaneous Combustion!


I’ve heard it said that there are actual cases of human beings bursting into flames for no apparent reason. I mean, you can read about it on the internet, so it must be true. Actually, I don’t care if it’s true or not (I might feel differently if I suddenly burst into flames, but I’m gambling that isn’t about to happen). That’s the kind of guy I am—living on the edge!

Guess what? There’sReturnWorshipCover actually another kind of spontaneous combustion that’s good. If you’re a Christ follower you want this type of fire to consume you. I’m talking about the fire of the Holy Spirit as He ignites His people to move out in faith for Jesus Christ! The Bible talks about it here and here and in many other places. The truth is, if you really want to be “on fire” for Jesus than you have to be ignited. Even the greatest raging forest fires begin with a single spark, but without ignition, there’s, well…nothing.

Again, why not let it all begin this weekend as we worship together as one with the release of Southbrook’s first praise and worship CD, “Return?”

Then, plan on attending the following four weeks as our new series, IGNITE begins. We’re believing God for ginormous things! Will you join us in this?

And you can help us by voting in the first poll for the ignite series here. And then in the second poll here…


Oh, and one more thing…