Southbrook Urban Legends, Part 4



Thought I forgot about this one didn’t you?

No way, I told you, there are a million of these things. Churches develop more hokey stories than anyone else. I’m sure of it! First, I need to thank my large team of “Mythbusters” for being on top of this stuff. I had nearly 80 of them over the house for a little Singleton Pow-wow the other night and we laughed about some of the stories that have developed over the years at Southbrook. It started out as the folks from a couple small groups wanting to get together and hear my heart on a few issues and grew from there.

I loved it!

It was awesome to hear the excitement and see the enthusiasm that everyone seems to have these days at Southbrook. The only thing that could have made it even better would have been to have ALL the leaders there. Like I said, these folks were only a small slice of the volunteers and ministry leaders who make Southbrook go. As I looked around the room, I realized we’ll need to do several more of these “On Purpose,” in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to get fired up like these folks did.

So!!! If you heard about it, but weren’t there, don’t play FILL IN THE BLANK! That’s how Southbrook Urban Legends get started and I already told you, these folks came to me! But now, I think I’ll start coming to you all to do this again and again. It was well worth it!

Anyway, I heard a couple people said the Singletons actually had a secret meeting of our favorites and, well…

Just like that, another Southbrook Urban Legend is born!

Before this one gets legs, let me tell you one of the main things this group agreed upon (right before we served the Kool-Aid) <— Hey, stop that, I was kidding. We don’t need that one!

We all agreed that when we play fill in the blank, or start a Southbrook Urban Legend that isn’t edifying, we are actually sinning!

There, took all the fun out of it in one foul swoop huh?

But it’s true, The Bible calls it gossip, and God hates it! Read here to see what God’s Word says about spreading garbage, or if you doubt that statement.

It’s not harmless Church Chat.

It isn’t filler for whenever we are festooning.

It’s more than harmless, sappy Southbrook speech, it’s…


Anything that does not build up, tears down! And anything that isn’t edifying is destructive.

Remember what your grandparents used to tell you?

If you can’t say something good about someone, don’t say anything at all.

Grandma got that from God, right here.

So, God doesn’t like this stuff, so if you’re participating…KNOCK IT OFF! Learn to kill these things instead of feeding them.

Here’s how a legend dies.

So, edify, Mythbusters, rather than tearing down. God loves to support mythbusters!



Can you believe it?

I messed up, thus creating a second Southbrook Urban Legend in ONE HOUR!! That has to be a record.

What happened? I forgot to hit the ONE button on my “Utterz” account I use to do these audio posts and what followed was allowing 10 RANDOM utterz to follow mine! Did you hear that?!


Therefore, some nasty stuff made it onto my blog. AND the rumor that pastor Rob is posting TRASH. And, once again, just like that, another “Southbrook Urban Legend” is formed. I did fix it though,  so all evidence of this one will now fade off into the mist…

Where all bad legends go to die.

Good ridance!