Southbrook Urban Legends, Part 2


Urban legendsUrban Legend #2: The teaching just isn’t deep there anymore now that they’ve switched the focus to lost people.

This one would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

About a year and a half ago I made the decision to go even deeper on the weekends, use more scripture and share more stories from the greatest book of real life dramas ever written…the Bible. And wouldn’t you know it, the deeper you go the more you hear the high chair (I chair) people crying out, “FEEEEED MEEEE!!!” They remind me of that man-eating plant from the movie, “Little Shop of Horrors.” Littleshop

Remember this guy? —>

He grew real big, but he never matured. It was like having a giant, reckless toddler around. I’m talking the size of Goliath but the coordination of an elephant blindfolded and walking on 2 legs!

Alas, this is what happens to a lot of “Christians” who fall into the “religious crowd” before ever learning that it’s really about “relationship.” They grow into 900 pound, pharisaical gorillas and never see it coming. Sadly, it’s very difficult to reverse this freakishly abnormal growth pattern.

I actually wrote about this a little while back (read that post here), and some good friends have written on it more recently as well. You can find one of those posts here. It was written by Perry Noble and it is well worth the read.

See you again tomorrow for the next installment of, “Southbrook Urban Legends.”