Southbrook Urban Legends, Part 3


Urban legends

Freaky Friday

Ok, time to continue with our Southbrook Urban Legends. There are approximately 1 million or so of them, so I have decided to make this a category and come back to it every now and then as needed.

Today’s legend is about…well…today. It’s about Fridays. You see, alot of our staff take Fridays as their day off and many a urban legend has sprung up as a result. Here are some:

1.The pastors just play on Fridays like they don’t even care (hello?! what do you do on your day off, go to work?)

2. Don’t bother calling a pastor on Friday at Southbrook, you’ll never get one. Wrong, I said some pastors have Friday as their day off — specifically the ones who have heavy weekend responsibilities like myself, Paul, Dan and Mike. However, there is still a pastor on call. And several directors and ministry assistants are there on Friday as well.

3. The pastors picked Friday as a day off just so they could make every weekend a 3 day weekend. Please don’t ever say this in front of me. This makes the assumption that what we do 4 times on a weekend (including Saturday evening which most people have off) is not work. Is anyone left alive on planet earth, still this naive’?

Nuff said about freaky Friday. It’s really not that freaky. And, if I actually do manage to take one off (which, sadly, is rare) they usually turn into Fantastic Fridays for me and my family. And the more time I spend with my family leading them in Christ, the better pastor I’ll be to everyone else.

Just a thought.

Another myth busted.

Oh, check this out too. A pastor shared  this tongue and cheek, but it’s worth contemplating:

There was a pastor who told his congregation,
“I am not going to take a vacation this summer; the devil never does!” One of the members went home and re-read the Gospels to see if Jesus took vacations. He found that in His three years’ of active ministry, there were 10 periods of rest away from the pressures of ministry – (vacation!) – He went back and asked the pastor,

“Pastor whose example are we following? Jesus’ or the Devil’s?”