Southbrook Urban Legends, Part 1


Urban legendsEver been to this website before? It’s just one of the many that explore some of the urban legends we’ve all heard over the years. These websites attempt to either verify them or chase down the source of the joke (although some of them are anything but funny). There was the one about the razer blades in the ‘trick or treat’ apples, the one about the woman who supposedly put her puppy in the microwave oven to dry its hair after a bath, and on and on and on. There are a million of them. Most are false. A few are true. Some are harmless. Others are not.

I thinking of setting one up for Southbrook—or maybe for all churches since they seem to be virtual breeding grounds for urban legends. Anyway, here’s how this whole thing started…

I was talking to Paul (our executive pastor) the other day and we were both laughing at yet another crazy story (i.e. read, ‘rumor,’ or ‘gossip’ here) circulating at Southbrook. There have been several this year. Today I jokingly spouted off that these ridiculous things would make for great blog fodder. You know, just to give you all a good laugh!

Paul has started referring to them as, “Southbrook Urban Legends.” So there you have it.

So, in no particular order, what say we get started?…

One mysterious story that has been floating around of late was that we should not have had a building campaign since someone heard that someone heard that someone heard, someone’s uncle’s cousin’s ex-roommate wrote a big fat check to pay for the entire thing!


Hey, there’s only one problem. If this is the case, tell them to get that to us and we will be glad to pay off the building with it.

Alas, none of us has ever seen the mystery check.

And I have a theory as to why that might be…


Sorry to shout, friends, but these things are mind-bogglingly stupid.

And just wait, they get even better.

Stay tuned.