Southbrook Ignited!




We’ll announce the digits this coming weekend, but I couldn’t wait that long to celebrate!

What an awesome day we had under the tent!

One church gathered for, one service under one vision to give one sacrifice!

And it happened. The finals aren’t in yet peeps, but you all will be the first to know! Anyway, that’s not the number I’m most excited about…THIS IS…

30 more people were added to God’s family today! I can think of no monetary gift to match that! Ultimately, this is why we exist as a church! Give God the glory and keep lifting Southbrook up in prayer as we see God transform this area through His people at SCC!

If you were there today, you saw God move and it’s something we’re used to at SCC. We expect God to move in great and mighty ways each and every time we gather in His name!

And He never disappoints!

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!

Go God!




Stay tuned for a new blog series about the many wacko rumors that often plague churches. I’m calling it, “Southbrook Urban Legends.” You won’t want to miss it…

Or perhaps you already heard a rumor that it was coming.

Urban legends