Some thoughts on, “The Small Things”


Tonight I felt that same familiar feeling while sharing with the Mighty men, women and youth (MMWY for short :) — the feeling that people would want to bail once they really understood Jesus message to ‘serve one another.’

Let’s face it, we live in a culture that says, ‘look out for #1, Me first, You can have it all,’ and a whole lot of other selfish philosophical junk. In the midst of it all the call to serve that comes from Christ is often received today about as good as Peter received it when Christ first came to him to wash his feet (that would be, ‘negatively,’ in case you were wondering). We want to protest upon hearing the challenge to put others before ourselves, But what’s in it for me?! we ask. But that only shows that we weren’t listening to everything Jesus said. He said that the first would be last and the last would be first. Sounds to me like a lot more is ‘in it for us’ if we put others first in this temporary, often disappointing, hard life. It sounds like Jesus will near the head of the class forever and ever because you chose to sit in the back for a brief moment in time.

Again, don’t despise the small things, mighty ones. As I shared with you earlier this evening, the small sacrifices you’ve already made have already made a HUGE difference!

Stay with it friends. I promise you won’t be disappointed.