Some things never change


It’s a time of uncertainty and apprehension in America. I heard someone say today that, “no matter who wins, half the country will be disappointed.”

That struck me as odd. So many in this great country claim to be Christians. To you I say,

“Where is your trust?

In whom do you place it?”

Yes, this is a time of tremendous change for not only the USA but also the world. Right now—like it or not—“as America goes, so goes the world.” Some of the change will be good. Some will not.

Some people like change. They thrive on it.

Some do not.

For all of you listen to what the Bible says about God and “change.”

“Descendants of Jacob, I am the LORD All-Powerful, and I never change. That’s why you haven’t been wiped out,” Malachi 3:6

“God also bound himself with an oath, so that those who received the promise could be perfectly sure that he would never change his mind.” Hebrews 6:17

“God himself made a promise when this priest was appointed. But he did not make a promise like this when the other priests were appointed. The promise he made is, “I, the Lord, promise that you will be a priest forever! And I will never change my mind!” Hebrews 7:20

And my personal favorite,

“Flowers and grass fade away, but what our God has said will never change.” Isaiah 40:8

Man changes—let’s face it, we’re fickle about everything. And time changes. Culture changes. Superpowers change. The economy changes (it’s up. It’s down).

Everything changes.

Except God.

Oh, but you should know one very important thing about God that DOES CHANGE.

The people He touches—the lives He invades.

Every time.


For the better.