Wow! This was one of the record crowds we’ve ever seen at Southbrook church! God is really bringing folks our way and we want to be good stewards of each precious life we have the opportunity to influence.

That’s what a church with, “it” is all about!

On a sad note, some families had to be turned away at the 10:00 and 11:30 services (mostly becasue of closed children’s classes) because of the over-crowdedness. So, once again, I want to remind all of you who already call Southbrook Church home to consider making a shift to one of the last remaining service options that still have a little room. And, as of today, you might as well take the 8:30 am Sunday service off the list because it too was full. Here’s where there’s still a little room:

11:30 Video Cafe

Saturday Night 6:30 (although this was fairly full as well)

Well, it’s a good problem to have, but we can make sure it doesn’t become a deal breaker for (especially) those who are far from God and just coming to check things out.

We also baptized a whole slew of folks after the 11:30 service! That never gets old!


P.S. Men? I hope to see you all bright and early tomorrow morning at the Video Cafe for a time to “Man Up.”

See you then!