The benchYou only look like you’re in the game.

After yesterday’s message I had some folks express concern that they might be “inoculated Christians.”

It’s sounds good.


Comfortable and protected.

It’s not. It means you have just enough of the real thing to keep you from ever getting the real thing.

Just enough of the flu (as in the tiny amount in the syringe of a flu shot) to keep you from getting the full blown flu. In this case, obviously, it’s a good thing to be inoculated.

But some people are inoculated with just enough of Jesus to keep from ever getting fired up about Him. They have the fish on the back of their car, a WWJD accessory of some kind, perhaps their name embossed on their pleather bound NLT study Bible. They go to church when it’s convenient (but never when the series hits too close to home), do their time in Children’s Church (to them it’s time akin to serving a life sentence at Leavenworth prison), and a whole host of other things that look good to the casual observer but run absolutely no risk whatsoever of causing them to contract a full blown love of Christ.

They’re inoculated.

Like players on the sideline who wear the uniform of their team but never actually enter the game.

I’m glad we’re doing this series, “One Month to Live.” It has the tendency to turn sideliners into players.

Which are you?