Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? — Decisions, Decisions…


I know it went well at Southbrook Monroe last week—I was there. The people were fired up and as worshipful as I’ve ever seen a group of folks!

But then again, all the feedback I got was awesome from the 11:00 service at Southbrook Weddington as well. I guess they don’t need a live preacher…’boo hoo, sniff, sniff’

Decisions, decisions…

Makes me kinda want to head on back out to Monroe again this week!

So maybe I will.

Or maybe I need to let people over at Southbrook Weddington adjust a bit first.

What about cloning?

Decisions, decisions…

Oh well, in the end I guess I’ll just have to play it by ear and let God make the call.

Always a good bet.