Gear_shift_clockHey Brookies! It’s time to shift again.

Anyone taken a look at the 10:00 am service lately?—In both the main building and the Video Cafe?

It’s slammed and once again we are hearing frustration from some of our guests about it taking too long to check in kids and or get a parking space. For some people, the worship time is nearly over by the time they get settled in. It’s the number one complaint about Southbrook right now.

We don’t want any complaints, gang, let alone such a repeated one. And our options are few right now. We currently have 8 services a week, so adding no longer brings the relief it once did.

So, once again, if you are a member or regular attender at SCC would you please consider shifting to either the Saturday evening service or the 8:30 am on Sunday? Even the 11:30 Cafe has some room left, but the 10:00 (main and Cafe) and the 11:30 (main) are absolutely slammed.

Remember, Monroe starts (on site) next weekend, so that will shift many of our folks over to Benton Heights Elementary and eventually our refurbished location. But for now, even though it’s summer, SCC is once again experiencing growth and now would be a great time to serve the newest guests by making a shift.

Why not begin tonight?

See you there.