Seems Not Enough “Chips” Ever Hit the Ground


Ever notice the many sayings people have when they’re trying to appear tough and determined?

  • I dare you to cross this line!
  • If I was there, I would have
  • I’m going forward with or without them!
  • If I ever see them, they better
  • Hold me back!!
  • If I was in charge
  • I don’t care what they say!
  • Believe me, you do not want to mess with me!!
  • I don’t care what happens to me, I’m gonna do it anyway!
  • I’m just gonna let the chips fall!

That last one is my personal favorite. Not to use, but to observe, because form where I sit it appears that very few chips ever actually hit the ground before tough talking people step in and try to fix or appease what they earlier said should be left to run its course. And more than a few times I’ve found myself sort of scratching my head and as I recall those courageous sounding words previously being uttered.

“I’m just gonna let the chips fall whereever they will.”

And you’ve seen it too. When the chips actually start to fall (consequences start becoming obvious) because of some cantankerous person, we go into full blown, “Chip Damage Control.”

Here’s what I’ve observed… somewhere around 9 out of 10 times (my own very unscientific thoughts) it seems that we actually very much care if the chips fall. We’re scared to death the chips might actually fall. We’ll do just about anything to keep the chips from falling.


So what’s with all the false bravado?


Well, it may be that I’m on to something or it may just be the leftover Chinese I just ate but something about this whole deal really gets under my skin.


If I can ever put my finger on it, I’ll let you know…




That not good enough for you?


See if I care! You don’t scare me! I’m going to bed now and I’ll just let the chips fall wherever they fall!


So there!