Saturday Night


Keep Saturday night open if you haven’t already committed it to eggnog and mistletoe.

I’ve been seeking everything possible to help strip away the fluff of Xmas and reveal the wonder of Christmas. There’s a big difference. Xmas has no Christ in it and is therefore, worthless. Christmas, on the otherhand, is all about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ — the One who brings hope and salvation. And is, therefore, of infinite worth.

So, my family and I are going to stay up a little later on Saturday night (after the service) to go and see the movie, “The Nativity.”

What?! But don’t you have to preach three times on Sunday morning? What about your kids? Aren’t they young? Won’t it be inconviiieeeeennnnttt for them?

yadi, yadi, yadi They don’t even know the meaning of the word, and I hope they never figure it out.

Want to join us? I’d love to have as many as possible. Let’s fill up the theater at Stonecrest.

Warning, this might actually cause your Christmas to come all unwrapped.

Think about it. Then come anyway. :)

…more info. coming tomorrow night @ the Brook