Safe Harbor


SafeHarborAre you a Safe Harbor?

People who are hurting need someone who they believe is a safe harbor more than anything else.

How do you know if you are?

If you offer an “answer for everything,” you’re not. People who give pat answers and trite “know-it-all” responses to people’s very real pain only exasperate the problem. They only add to the hurting individual’s feelings of condemnation and inadequacy.

If you are a safe harbor for others then people will sense your compassion and complete reliance upon the Father .

Another way to know?

Do people come to you or are you a repellent to those who are hurting?

I hope you’re a safe harbor.

When people have been battered by the many storms of life it can push them to the brink. At times like those they will be desperate for a safe place.

Are you that place?