ReturnWorshipCoverAbout twice a year we give the entire weekend at Southbrook to our wonderfully gifted musicians and singers and say, “Lead us the the throne!”

They always deliver.

Know why?

Because they are not directionally challenged. They know the way to the throne of God is through Jesus Christ and lifting up His name. They also know understand that real worship is not about them. It’s not about any of us. We are not there to see a concert (thought the talent is better than most!). We aren’t there to worship talent, singing, a show, a concert or anyone or anything other than Christ. In short, we are there to worship our Awesome God! He alone is worthy of praise.

So that’s just what we’ll do this weekend at all 7 services!

If you want to be blessed, come join us this weekend for the return of RETURN! 

Well sort of, technically, they never left.