Remember, “No Mo’ Technorati?”


Well I’m throwing my pastoral hat in that ring as well.

Looking back over the last couple of months I too have been sucked into the great technorati vortex, and now I’m climbing out!

Seriously gang, this thing is worse than crack!

Technorati-favFrom everything I’ve heard about blackholes, once they have you, there’s no escaping. So, let’s just say I consider


myself fortunate to have found a back door out called common sense.

that —>

will probably have to

go as well!

Let me explain…

There are a variety of ways that technorati sucks you in:

  • your ego (what’s my authority today?)
  • your pride (why aren’t they linking to me? Where’s the love?)
  • your time (I’ve spent more time on technorati then some do on personal hygiene!)
  • your paranoia (maybe the techsters have it out for me)
  • your computer savvy (seriously, technorati goes down so much [they refer to it as the technorati monster getting away] that I spent a third of my time on it trying to figure out if they lost my blog!)
  • your sense of fairness (there is no rhyme or reason to technorati’s authority junk)

But a huge reason is that it just isn’t accurate. Seriously, I’ve seen people with 5 readers a day and an authority of 87 trillion! What’s up with that? I’ve seen others who have thousands of readers a day and their authority is lower than over at some spell binding blog like, ‘Sister Gumpo’s reverse quilting Methods’ blog! <— Don’t try to find it, I made it up and you’d be missing the point <— a great name for a blog by the way!

Finally, the biggest reason for running from the techster is that I ashamedly have to admit that it stole time away from things that really matter infinitely more to me and to God. In the end, it really does not matter what people are saying about me. I hear enough of it through other vehicles not to need one more. So I am beginning the withdrawal of the technorati troops. Hopefully, the folks in technoratiland (yes, there is such a place, and you don’t want to go there!) will learn to fend for themselves.

Unfortunately, search engines do look at this thing and bump you up (or down) the ladder accordingly, so I’ll have to leave a faithful remnant behind—a few sentinels on duty. But I’ve got to move on.

Don’t worry sentinels, I’ll behave like a good marine and there will be no man left behind. Once you begin to show hypnotic like signs of being drawn toward the light (or in this case, the dark) we’ll pull on the rope we tied around your ankles and get you out of there!

I promise.

But as for me, the extraction has already begun and I feel better already—even if they don’t

Actually, one look at my authority and I’m pretty sure they won’t miss me

Bye technorati. Try not to cry.