Ready to “Hit the ground Running?!”


Man, I missed you all!

And God has given me a renewed sense of passion and urgency like never before!

So, are you all ready?

Are you really, really, ready?

If so, meet me at the Brook (that’s Southbrook’s worship center) tomorrow night for our “Mid Week Fix!”

I’m going to give you all a ‘sneak peek’ at our upcoming, “iTunes” series that begins THIS WEEKEND!

You say, This weekend huh? Well, I can wait that long. I don’t need no stinkin sneakin peek.

Are you kidding?!!!!

You need to be like the early bird who gets the worm. I’m counting on you MP’s (remember what those are?)! God’s got lots for us to do to get ready for the 2 biggest series we’ve ever done.

Be like this guyCIMG1580








Not this guy









Because the early bird gets the worm and the sloth…

well, the sloth gets nothing.

To tell you the truth, the entire time we were in Costa Rica I couldn’t drag one useful reason for living for this slow moving lump of fur from our guide.

Actually, toward the last day he did approach me and say there was one redeeming thing the sloth seemed to offer…


That’s right, they’re easy prey for just about anything!

So, knowing that Satan moves to and fro like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour, I’m thinking you’re better off as a fast flying bird than a slow moving sloth.

Just a thought.

So, fly on over to the Brook at 6:30 sharp this Wednesday (as in tomorrow).

We’ve got worms, oops, fish to catch!