Random Acts of Service


I got an idea from something I read recently and I thought I’d put a new twist on it. Ok, ok, quit beating around the bush, Rob. Here it is. I thought I’d highlight some neat champion or champions for Christ each week in my blog. There are way too many to give people the appreciation I’d like to, but it’s a start, right?

So, my fist shout out goes to Pauline and Joe Valentino. Have you all met this wonderful couple yet? If not, you need to.

One day a couple of weeks ago when my wife, Michelle was feeling overloaded and having a rough week, Pauline came and ministered to her completely selflessly. It was the right thing at the right time and Pauline looked for nothing in return. It was a wonderful testimony to our family. Random acts of servanthood are what Christ was all about.

I’m glad we have a church filled with servants for Christ. Nothing else points the way to the Savior quite like this.