Quiet as a church mouse


What does that mean, anyway?

The church has been used to describe everything from the quiet ride of a Cadillac to a silly somber refuge on a Monte Python movie.

These days the church is known for everything it’s not.

How would you like to be a healthy, athletic, Olympic athlete in an event such as the decathlon, only to be talked about and referred to and thought of, as a sickly, wimpy, wall-flower who constantly tripped over your own two feet.

That would tick me off!

Doesn’t bother the local church much though.

We are supposed to be the salt of the earth, a power that even the gates of Hell cannot prevail against, a culture changing, life transforming agent, and the place to bring healing to the spiritually sick and emotionally down trodden.

Is that an accurate picture of your church?

If not, as Dr. Phil would say, How’s that working for ya?

That’s what I thought.

We’re so busy as a society today—running to and fro like the martyred, headless chicken. Who has time to go to a sleepy, quiet little, dead church?

Not me.

I love Southbrook!

This weekend we made some noise!

It was almost scary.

Come see for yourself.